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Chapter 6. Entering MIDI Manually > Setting Note Length

Setting Note Length

In the previous example, you entered eighth notes across a bar using Snap to place the notes precisely. When you enter notes in the Key editor, the default note duration will be equal to the Snap value. If Snap is set to eighth notes, then clicking the Note display with the Draw tool will enter an eighth note. In some situations, this is desirable, but not always. For example, you may want to program a techno-style pulsing bass line that is still straight eighth notes, but with each note lasting only the duration of a sixteenth note. You can alter the duration of the note through quantizing.

To change the duration of notes created with the Draw tool

Turn Snap on if it not already on, and set the Quantize value to 1/8 Note.

Select the Draw tool.

In the Length Quantize drop-down menu, select 1/16th Note (Figure 6.23).

Figure 6.23. This setting will insert sixteenth notes, regardless of the Snap setting, when you use the Draw tool.

With the Draw tool, click the note and meter location where you want the line to start.

A note of sixteenth-note duration will be entered at the nearest eighth note (Figure 6.24).

Figure 6.24. This setting enters a sixteenth note at the start of the MIDI part. The figure shows the first part of measure 5.

Continue clicking across the whole measure, skipping one sixteenth and then adding a note at the next sixteenth

The result will look like Figure 6.25.

Figure 6.25. A few more clicks, and the Snap and Length Quantize settings create this simple line.



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