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Chapter 6. Entering MIDI Manually > Snap and the Key Editor - Pg. 126

Entering MIDI Manually 126 Figure 6.17. Clicking the Note display adds the C at beat 4 of measure 5, as shown in the Mouse Time Value display. Snap and the Key Editor Like nearly everything else in Cubase, the state and setting of Snap has a great deal to do with what exactly happens when your mouse-clicking starts. Having Snap on is convenient when you want to enter notes exactly in time. Snap must be turned off if you want to put notes at places other than at exact meter divisions. For example, if you want to enter a part exactly on the eighth notes, the easiest way to do this is with Snap. To enter notes using Snap 1. Set the meter division you want to use. In this example, in the Key editor the Quantize value is being changed to 1/8 Note (Figure 6.18).