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Chapter 6. Entering MIDI Manually > Using the Drumstick Tool

Using the Drumstick Tool

The Drumstick tool is the primary means of entering note data in the Drum editor. If you sequence a lot of drums, you'll get to know the Drumstick tool better than some members of your immediate family. Clicking the Note display with the Drumstick enters a note at that location, and clicking an existing note with the Drumstick erases it. Put simply, the Drumstick toggles notes on the display grid on and off. To see a very simple example, you can program a kick drum on all four quarter notes of a one-bar loop.

To enter notes with the Drumstick tool

Click the Drumstick tool on the toolbar (Figure 6.46) or select it from the contextual menu.

Figure 6.46. Clicking this button selects the Drumstick tool; you can also select it by right-clicking the Note display if you have a two-button mouse.

On the toolbar, click the Snap button to turn on Snap; click the Global Quantize button and set the Quantize value to 1/4 Note.

These settings are explained in the next few pages. For now, just set them as shown in Figure 6.47.

Figure 6.47. Snap is turned on, as is Global Quantize, and 1/4 Note is selected from the Quantize menu.

Hold the pointer over the Note display until it turns into the Drumstick tool (in other parts of the window, the pointer will be an arrow, used for selecting buttons, values, and menus). Move the Drumstick tool to roughly the beginning of the MIDI part and click to enter a note (Figure 6.48).

Figure 6.48. Clicking at the first beat enters a note; it appears as a diamond, as do all notes in the Drum editor.

Click beats 2, 3, and 4 to create the other notes.

The result will look like Figure 6.49.

Figure 6.49. The MIDI part after all four quarter notes have been entered.



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