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Chapter 6. Entering MIDI Manually > Painting Multiple Notes

Painting Multiple Notes

Cubase makes great efforts to provide shortcuts to let you create music quickly and easily. One of these shortcuts gives you the ability to enter multiple notes in the Key editor with the Line tool by putting it in Paint mode. When the Line tool is in Paint mode, dragging will enter notes anywhere and everywhere that the tool is dragged. In fact, you can combine the Snap setting, the Length Quantize setting, and the Insert Velocity setting with the Paint mode shortcut to create in one pass the eighth-note techno bass line we've been working with.

To paint notes

Click the Line tool on the toolbar to select it. Click it again after it is selected to open a drop-down menu; select Paint (Figure 6.30).

Figure 6.30. Setting the Draw tool to Paint mode.

Turn on Snap by clicking the Snap button.

Set the Quantize, Length Quantize, and Insert Velocity values to control the way that notes are entered. For this example, set 1/8 Note for Quantize, 1/16 Note for Length Quantize, and 121 for Insert Velocity (Figure 6.31).

Figure 6.31. The Snap, Quantize, and Velocity settings—the same ones used in the previous example.

Click with the Line tool (which turns into a paint brush) the place where you want to start entering notes and drag to the right to enter notes for as long as you wish. Release the mouse when you're finished (Figure 6.32).

Figure 6.32. Dragging to paint notes on the Note display.



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