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Chapter 10. Editing MIDI > Controlling Which Notes Are Quantized

Controlling Which Notes Are Quantized

Cubase provides a useful way to exclude and include only some of the notes in the quantize setup. Quantizing all the notes in a part often produces a more sweeping effect than you need. You might want to tighten up only the timing of notes that fall near a beat grid if some of the other notes were played quite intentionally away from the beat. Normally, all notes will be moved when a part is quantized, unless you specify otherwise. In this next task, you'll quantize notes close to the grid and at the same time leave other notes alone.

To quantize only some MIDI notes

Select the notes, part, or parts to be quantized.

Open the Quantize Setup dialog box by clicking the MIDI menu and selecting Quantize Setup.

Set the grid as you want it.

In this example (again, so it is a bit easier to see), the panel has a straight eighth-note grid (Figure 10.54).

Figure 10.54. The Quantize Setup dialog box starts with a plain eighth-note grid.

Use the Magnetic Area slider to set limits on what is quantized.

As the slider is moved, an area on either side of each point in the grid is highlighted (Figure 10.55). Only notes within this range will be affected by quantizing.

Figure 10.55. The Magnetic Area slider adjusts the range in which notes will be quantized, indicated by the lightly colored area next to the grid markers. Notes outside the gray range will be ignored.

Click Apply to quantize according to the current setting, or click the close box to close the panel without quantizing.



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