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Chapter 8. Basic Audio Editing > Splitting Events and Parts

Splitting Events and Parts

Crossfading and resizing often are applied to snippets of larger takes, either to grab a loop to be repeated in the song or to create a single version of a line or solo with the best sections from multiple takes. For both looping and editing multiple takes together, the Splits tool can be invaluable. Using the Split tool, you can chop audio parts and events into smaller bits that are easier to work with. In the following task, you will see how to split a two-bar loop into smaller, one-bar sections.

To split events with the Split tool

Click the Split tool on the toolbar.

Turn on Snap and select Bar.

Snap matters when using the Split tool, so it needs to be turned on or off depending on the job. In this case, two-bar loops are the goal, so you need snap to align them (Figure 8.52).

Figure 8.52. Setup to use the Split tool: The tool is selected on the toolbar, and Snap is turned on and set to Bar.

Position the pointer over the event to be snipped.

A thin line shows where a cut will be made if the mouse is clicked at the current location (Figure 8.53).

Figure 8.53. The thin, light line at measure 6 indicates the place where the Split tool will cut the event if the mouse is clicked.

Move the pointer until the line is on the location where you want to snip the audio event; then click.

The event is split into two pieces (Figure 8.54), with the name of each event now displayed.

Figure 8.54. The darker line in this illustration shows where the event was cut. The line is actually blue in Cubase.



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