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Chapter 8. Basic Audio Editing > Using Sizing Moves Contents

Using Sizing Moves Contents

You can also use the Arrow tool in the Sizing Moves Contents mode. When an event is resized using this mode, moving the start or end point pushes the audio itself back and forth inside the event. This allows the event to start or end at the same place in the project, but moves the audio inside the event forward or backward in time. In the following task, you will resize a two-measure section, using this mode to move the second bar ahead in time by one measure.

To move the contents of an event by resizing

Click the Arrow tool on the toolbar to select this tool and then click it again to open the contextual menu. Select the Sizing Moves Contents option (Figure 8.40).

Figure 8.40. Choose a mode for the Arrow tool to change the way that resizing affects an event.

Turn Snap on or off, depending on your preference.

In the example shown here, Snap is on.

Move the pointer to the lower-right corner of the event to be changed.

The arrow changes to two opposing horizontal arrows (Figure 8.41).

Figure 8.41. Note the different phrase in each bar. The pointer will now resize the event.

Drag to the left to move the end of the event forward in time.

The event being resized in these figures is the same event that was used in Figures 8.38 and 8.39.

When the event is resized as you want, release the mouse.

The audio in the event is moved forward in time, with the end of the event as an anchor (Figure 8.42). Compare Figures 8.42 and 8.39. Instead of masking part of the event as in Figure 8.39, the last note in Figure 8.42 has been moved ahead in time; however, the event will start at the same point.

Figure 8.42. The second phrase has now been moved to where the first phrase was originally. The event is also half as long as it was before.



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