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Chapter 16. Automating a Mix > Writing Automation Manually

Writing Automation Manually

Almost any action in Cubase can be done by hand, graphically, in the Project window, including writing automation. Many of the tools used to write automation are like those used in MIDI continuous controller editing, so if you know about them, you already know a good bit about the tools for creating and editing automation. In the next task, you will create a simple ramp-up in volume.

To write automation manually in the Project window

Find the track in the Project window that you want to automate. Display the automation subtrack by clicking the small plus sign at the lower-left corner of the track (Figure 16.18).

Figure 16.18. Clicking the small plus sign opens the automation subtracks.

In the automation subtrack, click the drop-down menu (Figure 16.19) and select Volume if it is not already selected.

Figure 16.19. This menu sets the parameter to be viewed in the subtrack. In this case, Volume is selected.

Your choice in this menu determines what parameter is viewed and edited in that automation subtrack.

On the toolbar, on the Draw tool, click the small arrow to open a drop-down menu to select the mode for this tool. Select Line (Figure 16.20).

Figure 16.20. Selecting the Line tool on the toolbar.

Using the Line tool, drag in the automation subtrack, creating a line from low to high (Figure 16.21).

Figure 16.21. Drawing a line of automation to write a volume change.

When you release the mouse, a new auto mation line will be written (Figure 16.22).

Figure 16.22. The result after releasing the mouse.

Turn on read automation and play the track to hear the result. The track will ramp up in volume.



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