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Chapter 16. Automating a Mix > Writing Plug-in Automation

Writing Plug-in Automation

By now, you might be asking, ”What can I automate?” The answer is just about everything in the mixer, including fader level, pan, EQ, send and insert effects, and send/insert effects parameters. A good way to see the options available is to automate the amount of the signal sent to a send effect. This automation can be used to add different amounts of the effect to a track over the course of a song.

To write plug-in automation

Create a send effect using an FX channel and select the send for a track to be automated. For now, click the power button to turn off the send effect on the track (Figure 16.8).

Figure 16.8. Turning the send effect off before writing automation.

Activate write automation for all channels by clicking the W button on the left of the Cubase mixer. Deactivate read automation if it is active.

Set the automation mode to Touch Fader or Autolatch.

Start playing the project; then turn on the effect send and drag the blue-green slider to adjust the amount of the signal that goes to the send effect (Figure 16.9).

Figure 16.9. Changing parameters for the plug-in while writing automation.

Stop playback to stop writing automation.

Turn off write automation and turn on read automation.

Rewind the project and play it back to see the automated moves, or look in the Project window to see the automation graphically represented (Figure 16.10).

Figure 16.10. The result of the plug-in automation in the Project window.



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