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Chapter 14. Audio Effect Plug-Ins > Other Cubase Audio Plug-ins

Other Cubase Audio Plug-ins

The electronic documentation that comes with Cubase includes a PDF file containing parameter lists for the rest of the plug-ins included with the program. Here is a short description of each of the other effects:

  • SPL DeEsser is an effect used to remove or limit harsh s sounds from vocals.

  • Bitcrusher reduces the fidelity of the audio that plays back in Cubase. This effect is often used to mimic older, lo-fi samplers.

  • DaTube emulates the saturation and compression characteristics of vacuum tubes.

  • StepFilter combines a multimode resonant filter, as might be found on a virtual analog synthesizer, with a step sequencer. The sequencer can control both the frequency of the filter and the resonance (Figure 14.42).

    Figure 14.42. The StepFilter plug-in combines a synth-style filter and a step sequencer.

  • Ringmodulator is a classic synthesizer effect, generated by finding the sum and difference of two audio signals.

  • Rotary emulates the sound of a spinning speaker, like the Leslie speakers used with Hammond B3 organs.

  • Vocoder creates incredibly versatile and interesting effects. Vocoder uses two banks of identical filters, one of which modulates the other. A different signal is fed to each filter, and the filters of one of the signals are used to control the filters of the other signal (Figure 14.43).

    Figure 14.43. The bundled Vocoder plug-in.

  • VST Dynamics adds a few features to the Dynamics plug-in discussed in this chapter. However, it operates at a slightly higher latency and can use more CPU bandwidth.

  • Multiband Compressor (Figure 14.44) is a different type of compressor than Magneto or VST Dynamics. As its name implies, a multiband compressor splits the audio signal into more than one band, and the compression settings for each band can be different. Multiband compressors are often used on full mixes when mastering, or on very full-range instruments like drums or a piano.

    Figure 14.44. The multiband compressor is most useful on material with a wide frequency range.

  • QuadraFuzz is a multiband distortion plug-in. The audio spectrum is divided into four bands that you can modify, so you can change the level of each band before processing with the distortion effect.

  • Flanger derives its name from the effect produced by running two tape recorders with the same sound in sync and then slowing down or speeding up one recorder by dragging or pushing on the flange of the tape to create a doubling and filtering effect that modifies the sound. This plug-in mimics that effect digitally.

  • Symphonic is a stereo-enhancement plug-in.

  • Phaser is a phase-shifting plug-in used to generate a swirling, filtering effect somewhat like a flanger.

  • Overdrive attempts to emulate the effect of a guitar amplifier and speaker combination.

  • Chopper combines a tremolo effect and an autopanned effect to produce effects from subtle tremolo to stuttering audio.

  • Metalizer is a filtering/modulation plug-in that applies a metallic-sounding band-pass filter that can be modulated to the audio.

  • Tranceformer modulates the audio in the channel with its own, internal, oscillator (Figure 14.45).

    Figure 14.45. Tranceformer allows any channel to be ring modulated.

  • Grungelizer is another lo-fi effect used to mimic the static, pops, clicks, and noise found on old vinyl records.

  • Q is a high-quality, four-band equalizer plug-in.

  • Mix6to2, SurroundPan, and Surround Dither are all used when mixing to multichannel output. Mix6to2 is probably the most often used; it easily controls the levels in a six-channel surround mix when mixing a stereo version from a surround version.



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