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Chapter 9. Advanced Audio Editing > Adjusting Gain in an Event

Adjusting Gain in an Event

Often you may want to selectively boost or cut the volume of a section of audio. For example, one note may stick out in a performance, or the sound of the singer taking a breath before singing may be too prominent. There are multiple ways to tackle such a problem, but one of the easier approaches is to process the audio by changing the gain at the level of the event.

To change the gain of a selection in an event

Zoom in until you can easily see the section you want to change.

In this example, the note just to the right of the cursor is too loud (Figure 9.18).

Figure 9.18. The blip next to the cursor will be decreased in volume.

Turn off Snap.

Use the Range Selection tool to select only the section that needs to be changed.

Right-click and select Process > Gain. If you have a one-button mouse, select Audio > Process > Gain.

The Gain panel opens (Figure 9.19).

Figure 9.19. Use this panel to set the increase or decrease in gain.

Select an amount of gain reduction by using the slider or the arrow buttons; Figure 9.19 is set to reduce the gain of the selection by four decibels. Click the Preview button to hear the effect.

When the selection sounds right, click the Process button.

When the audio has been processed, you will be returned to the Project window, where you can see the change in the event (Figure 9.20).

Figure 9.20. The Project window shows the change that results from the processing.



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