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Chapter 9. Advanced Audio Editing > Replacing One Process with Another

Replacing One Process with Another

Cubase offers so much flexibility in its audio processing that you can even replace one process with another. For example, you might process a file using a simple delay plug-in, but later you decide that a more complex delay with modulation would sound better. Making this swap is not only possible, but quite easy, using the Offline Process History window.

To replace processing already performed on an event

Use the Arrow tool to select the event that you want to change.

Select Audio > Offline Process History.

In the Offline Process History dialog box, select the process you want to replace (Figure 9.39).

Figure 9.39. The DoubleDelay effect will be replaced with a different effect.

Click the pull-down menu in the right panel to select a new process or plug-in to replace the original process. For example, as shown here, choose Plug-ins > Delay > ModDelay (Figure 9.40).

Figure 9.40. Selecting the new plug-in (ModDelay) to use in place of the original delay.

Click Replace By. A dialog box will open to confirm that you want to replace the process. After you click Replace, the editor for the new process or plug-in opens in a new window (Figure 9.41).

Figure 9.41. The editor for the replacement plug-in.

Change the parameters for that plug-in as you wish.

Click the Process button.

The event is reprocessed, as indicated by the activity in the status bars. When processing is complete, you are returned to the Offline Process History window.

Click Close to dismiss this window and return to the Project window.



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