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Appendix E: MPEG-J Code Samples - Pg. 651

651 Appendix E. MPEG-J Code Samples by Viswanathan Swaminathan, Alex MacAulay, and Gianluca De Petris Keywords:MPEG-J, MPEGlets, Java examples, MPEG-J examples, Resource APIs, Network APIs, Scene APIs, Section Filtering and Service Information APIs, application engine This appendix presents some detailed examples of MPEGlets to give you an understanding of the steps needed to create an MPEG-J application. It is intended for readers already introduced to the Java programming language. Scene APIs The following example shows a complete MPEGlet 1 using the Scene API to invert the color of a shape node when the user clicks on it. In this example, SceneExampleMpeglet implements the MPEGlet interface, SceneListener interface, and the EventOutListener interface. Initially, the SceneManager object is obtained from the MpegjTerminal and the MPEGlet adds itself as