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Chapter 16. Audio Testing for Validation - Pg. 570

570 Chapter 16. Audio Testing for Validation by Laura Contin Keywords:perceived audio quality, benchmarking, subjective assessment methods, verification tests This chapter addresses the subjective listening tests that were performed during the final self-as- sessment phase for the MPEG-4 Audio standard. Previously (by the end of 1995), other listening tests were performed for evaluating the submissions answering the call for proposals issued at the beginning of the MPEG-4 standard development phase. These tests are described in [N999, N1144, CEMS97]. As for video, audio verification tests were planned with great care to avoid any type of bias due to incorrect design or inadequate statistical analysis. A group of experts in formal subjective testing was charged with the design and performance of the tests. In general, the assessment methods were selected among those recommended by ITU, but in one case no suitable method was available because of the new functionality under evaluation. In that case, the test experts proposed a new