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Chapter 12. Building with Panoramic Images > Photomerge Command - Pg. 376

Chapter 12 Building with panoramic Images 1. Hold the camera in front of your body so its strap hangs downward. 2. Slip your arm through the strap so it goes just past your elbow. 3. Wrap your hand around the outside edge of the strap and grab the camera body. 4. Press your elbow into the strap to increase tension on the strap and stabilize the camera. To pan the camera smoothly, you'll need to properly position your body. 5. Square up your body with your subject. 6. Spread your feet shoulder-width apart. 7. Rotate at the waist and twist your body while keeping your shoulders and camera in close to your body (mak- ing sure there's overlap between shots). We've seen the Photomerge command deftly handle shots