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On Techniques

Production animators at large studios usually work in teams of three or more. A philosophy of sharing techniques and supporting fellow animators pervades most successful studios. Some typical comments:

“You don't really know a technique until you've done it in a production setting. Several times!”

“Always be looking to improve, not only as a software user, but as an artist. Inspiration can come from unlikely sources.”

“Learn from everyone, and be ready to return the favor.”

“Don't hoard your knowledge! Share with all those around you. It will benefit the project, and you will gain respect among your peers.”

“Reference is a valuable thing. Don't have so much pride to think you don't need reference materials. It will save you time and sanity. Besides, it's always nice to show your supervisors that it really does look that way when they say, “But it doesn't look enough like a tree…”

“Ask questions when you don't understand. There's no shame in not knowing every facet of the software.”

“Don't always ask the Maya gurus. Occasionally, ask newer animators, too. They often present a unique spin on the issue that lets you see the problem from a different angle, and sometimes it's the angle you need to solve the problem.”

“There is nearly always a faster, easier way. Look for it.”

“In your down time, look for different ways to get things done. Faster isn't always better, and finding new ways to do things can spark new processes and creative methods for later use.”

And to sum up things with one of my favorite things to say regarding life in animtion field:

“Rust never sleeps.”



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