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Chapter 20. Rendering > Render Farms - Pg. 686

Rendering 686 Render Farms A render farm has nothing to do with animals, nor should managing one be anything like trying to herd sheep. The following section should give you some heads-up details on how to plan to build or wrangle a render farm. Essentially, a render farm is a collection of computers that have been networked and set up with appropriate software to automatically divide the tasks of an animation sequence among the partic- ipating computers. These computers are often referred to as render nodes or render clients, and they often take orders from the server or master computer. Render Farm Services There are not many render farm services to choose from, but it always pays to do a search online for new vendors. Shop around and contact each vender for a quote based on your project specs. You usually have a good chance of a volume discount. Here are some to get you started: · EFX-- For Windows, the cost is $0.75 per CPU hour for Maya; it's a flat rate of $91.50 per hour for Maya for the whole farm. · The Render Students get a 50% discount. · Cost is $0.75 per CPU hour for Maya. Render Farm Software You have many packages to choose from when it comes to render-farm software. If you use Win-