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Chapter 12. Node-Based Architecture > Non-DAG Nodes - Pg. 297

Node-Based Architecture print `ls ­nodeTypes`; 297 This list of nodes is literally the entire Maya tool shelf of registered node types (including any plug- in nodes). In most cases, Maya's UI gives access to the creation and automated connections of these nodes, although many exceptions exist. Some nodes in Maya are actually hidden from the user altogether, usually because they have not been fully implemented into the GUI of the software; however, this doesn't mean that they can't still be used. You can create any one of these nodes by hand simply by using the createNode command: createNode wtAddMatrix; // Result: wtAddMatrix1 // Note If the node that you created by hand is undocumented, you must look at its attributes and try to figure out what it's supposed to do all by yourself. Non-DAG Nodes Non-DAG nodes are simply just DG (dependency graph) nodes. This means that they are some sort of compute node that exists without a transform. Many non-DAG nodes in a new Maya scene are nodes that must exist for the scene to function properly. For the most part, default scene non- DAG nodes are not meant to be edited or modified by selecting and editing in the modeling windows. DG nodes are usually included as a part of a user-created dependency graph. Default non-DAG nodes are also almost always read-only and are not meant to be deleted. Again, Maya sometimes allows you to modify the attributes of its default non-DAG nodes, but the stability of your Maya scene will often be at risk. Some attributes of default scene DG nodes are exposed to the user through built-in UI elements, such as the default Hardware Render Globals. If Maya has not exposed the