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Part V: Appendixes > LightWave Plug-ins

LightWave Plug-ins

LightWave has plug-ins in a few key places. Understanding these areas will help you understand what certain plug-ins do and also know how to locate them. The plug-in types within LightWave

  • Animation I/O. Plug-ins used for input and output.

  • Channel Filter. Plug-ins that perform direct control over channels, such as expressions and Motion Mixer.

  • Custom Object. Plug-ins that are used for object control, such as particle effects.

  • Displacement. Plug-ins that that can shape and deform objects, be it points or polygons.

  • Environment. Plug-ins that add functionality to Layout environment variables, such as SkyTracer2.

  • Global. Plug-ins that look at the entire scene, such as the Spreadsheet Scene Manager.

  • Image I/O. Plug-ins for loading and saving images. Generally, you won’t access these plug-ins directly, but you’ll use their functions when loading or saving in both Layout and Modeler.

  • Image Processing. Plug-ins that control the various image-related functions, such as pixel calculations for working with fur in SasLite and Image Filters for things like Bloom and Corona.

  • Modeling. Plug-ins and tools used throughout LightWave Modeler.

  • Layout Command. Plug-ins that are used in Layout to control the interaction of other plug-ins that use representation in Layout.

  • Motion. Plug-ins for various motion operations, such as Jolt! or Gravity.

  • Object Importer. Plug-ins for importing object formats other than LightWave.

  • Object Replacement. Plug-ins used to replace objects during the course of an animation.

  • Rendering. Plug-ins used for textures and shaders.

  • Scene Master. Plug-ins for various scene-related functions, like Proxy Pic for item selection. These are similar to independent applications, like Motion Mixer.

  • Volumetric Effect. Plug-ins that are good for things like ground fog.



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