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Chapter 5. LightWave 7 Graph Editor > Navigating the Curve Window

Navigating the Curve Window

When you select Multiple Curves, you can edit them together, create keyframes together, and so on. However, you also can adjust one of these curves based on the background curve: Simply select only the curve you want to adjust in the Curve Bin. The remaining curves in the Curve Bin appear slightly darkened in the background of the Curve Window. From there, you can select the Move tool, and click and drag a keyframe to change its value. Following are just a few quick steps to remember when working in the Graph Editor:

  • Select the Move keyframe button (in the center of the Graph Editor) and click and drag to adjust the selected key(s).

  • Select the Move keyframe button and click and hold the Ctrl key to adjust the selected key’s position in time—for example, to move a keyframe from frame 5 to 15.

  • Hold the Alt key and click in the Curve Window to adjust the entire Curve Window view.

  • Press the period (.) key to zoom into the Curve Window; press the comma (,) key to zoom out.

  • Press the a key to fit the Curve Window to view—for example, if you zoom into the Curve Window, press the a key to instantly fit all keyframes of curves to the full window.

  • You can import curves into the Graph Editor by pressing Shift+g. Many animators think you need to close the Graph Editor, select your next item in Layout, and then re-open the Graph Editor to add the particular curve. Instead, move the Graph Editor aside, select an item in Layout, and then use Shift+g back in the Graph Editor to update.

  • Select Numeric Limits from the Display drop-down list at the top right of the Graph Editor window to set the minimum and maximum frame for the Curve Window. Ctrl+alt drags and zooms the Curve Window. You also can set a minimum and maximum value. Alt drag options are similar to their use in Layout’s Perspective viewport. Figure 5.27 shows the Numeric Limits panel.

    Figure 5.27. You can set Numeric Limits to control the frame and value settings in the Curve Window.



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