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Chapter 1. Introducing LightWave 7 > LightWave 7 Groups in Layout

LightWave 7 Groups in Layout

Rearranging the groups and the tools within the groups can help you bring up a setting that is buried deep in the default interface, such as a generic plug-in you often use. You can create your own groups and assign only the controls and functions you like to that group. For example, try the following:

In LightWave Layout, select Clear Scene from the drop-down File menu at the top-left side of the screen.

From the Layout drop-down at the top left of the screen, select Interface and then Edit Menu Layout, as in Figure 1.19. You also can press Alt+F10 to access the panel.

Figure 1.19. You can access the Configure Menus panel by selecting Edit Menu Layout.


LightWave 7 has “sticky menus.” What that means is anytime you need to click a small downward triangle on a button to display a list, you don’t have to hold the mouse button down! Simply click once and let go—LightWave’s menu set will “stick” open until your next selection.

Figure 1.20 shows the Configure Menus panel. The left column of the panel is home to the commands, or functions, and the right column, the menus. At the top of the panel, you can change your presets, such as default (LightWave 7 command style), 6.0 Style, or 5.6 Style menu configurations. Commands that are ghosted are already assigned to a menu or group; commands that are bold are not. Take a close look at the right column. The first item listed is Top Group. These are the group of command tabs along the top left of the Layout interface: File, Layout, Rendering, and so on.

Figure 1.20. The Configure Menus panel pops up when you press Alt+F10.

Create your own group tab by selecting File on the right and then clicking the New Group button on the right side of the Configure Menus panel. You’ll see that a line labeled New Group now sits between File and Layout at the top left of the interface.

Select the New Group listing in the Configure Menus panel, and then click Rename. Rename the group to whatever you like. Click OK, and you’ll see the new group tab appear on the top of the Layout interface (see Figure 1.21). You can rearrange the groups by simply clicking and dragging them—you’ll see a small line appear as a guide.

Figure 1.21. A new group now lives with the others at the top of the LightWave Layout.



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