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Creating Simple Objects 2. 3. 22 Find the point on the canvas where you'd like the line to begin. Click your mouse. This creates an anchor point. Find the point where you'd like your line to end. Click your mouse. LiveMotion fills the line between the two points. You can complete the line (referred to as a path ) by clicking on the Pen tool or selecting another tool, or you can continue adding line segments. Note Shift+click to constrain the tool to segments to 45-degree angles. To create a curved path, do the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Select the Pen tool, and position it where you'd like to begin your path. Hold the mouse down and drag in the direction of the curve you'd like to create. You'll notice that two direction points begin to appear, pulling in opposite directions. Release the mouse. Find the point where you'd like the curve to resolve. Click the mouse. LiveMotion fills in the curve. Click the Pen tool or select another tool to complete the path. Note To change the curve of the path, click the Pen Selection tool from the toolbox. Click and drag on a direction or anchor point to make your desired modifications to the path. Summary Believe it or not, you've done a lot of important groundwork in this hour! Not only have you learned what objects are and what kinds of objects are available to you in LiveMotion, but you've also learned how to draw the three basic shapes (rectangle, ellipse, and polygon) available within the application. As if that weren't enough to help you quickly gain some skills using the application, you've also learned to work with the Properties, Transform, and Color palettes to make common modifications to your shapes. You've learned to alter position, rotation, width, and skew; change color; and modify individual shape appearances. The skills you've gained here will be used in upcoming hours to create and manipulate objects within a composition. Naturally, your work will become more detailed in action and design, but the foun- dations have been firmly put into place. Q&A Q1: When I go to work on my object in a palette, the options are all grayed out. What's wrong?