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Chapter 10. Lighting Methods: Follow the... > Working Toward Even Lighting - Pg. 252

Lighting Methods: Follow the Masters 252 There is no method of calculating the savings you may achieve by adjusting Max Quadtree Depth for Ray Traced shadows, so you must always try 8, 9 , and 10 to find the best results for your particular scene. Working Toward Even Lighting The current scene is now rendering much more quickly than with the default shadow parameters for the Sun01 in the scene. You can now proceed with making the lighting in the scene appear more convincing. The first step will be to control light on the skydome so that it is even across the entire sky. You will learn to use the Exclude feature to make sure the new light only lights the skydome. Next you'll add and adjust lights that will fill in areas in the shaded portion of the rendered scene to bring the light values up to simulate light bouncing off the atmosphere and surrounding objects. You want the skydome object in the scene to have an even and consistent light over the entire sky coverage. This can be accomplished by taking advantage of the angle of incidence of the light to the inside of the skydome. The light you add will affect only the skydome. When you add new objects to the scene you don't want to have to manage whether they are affected by this new light or not. Procedure 10-4. Exercise 10.4: Evenly Lighting the Skydome 1. 2. Open Ch10_Airport03.max from the last exercise or from the CD-ROM. Save it to your project folder with the name Ch10_Airport04.max . Right-click in the Top viewport to activate it. In the Lights category on the Create panel, click the Onmi button in the Object Type rollout.