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What You've Learned

  • The Bezier and BSpline tools can be used to create free-form shapes by setting points and modifying the vertices around the shape. The Bezier tool can create both straight and curved lines; the BSpline tool creates only curved lines.

  • Generators are objects in the Library that you add to your project, often as a background. They are called generators because they don't exist as objects until you add them to a project, and therefore Motion generates that item specifically for your project. Motion comes with 12 generators: Cellular, Checkerboard, Color Solid, Gradient, Noise, Op Art 1, Op Art 2, Op Art 3, Soft Gradient, Star, Stripes, and Swirly.

  • Generators can be applied to a project and modified just like any other object.

  • Motion also includes 14 gradient presets that you can apply to objects, generators, and text within your project.

  • Gradient presets can be applied from the Library or the Inspector and can be customized using the Gradient Editor.

  • You can save your customized gradients in the Library by choosing Save Gradient Preset from the Gradient pop-up menu in the Inspector.

  • The Text tab in the Inspector has Format, Style, and Layout panes with controls for modifying text.

  • The Format pane includes controls for changing the font, size, text, and other parameters also available on the Dashboard.

  • The Style pane contains style controls including Face, Outline, Glow, and Drop Shadow.



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