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Lesson 4. Working with Behaviors > Trimming an Object and Behaviors

Trimming an Object and Behaviors

Basic Motion behaviors remain the length of the object they are applied to, even if you change the object's length in the mini-Timeline. The watch is looking great, but we need to make room for a second watch. To do that, let's change the length of the first watch and its behaviors.

The project's duration is 5;26, which is the exact length of the video clip. That's only four frames short of 6 seconds, so let's show the first watch for 3 seconds and 15 frames (half of 1 second), or 3;15.

Press the spacebar to stop playback.

Type 3.15 in the current frame field and press Return. Remember to type a period between seconds and frames in the timecode field.

Press Shift-Cmd-A to deselect everything in the Canvas.

Select the watch in the Canvas.

The detonator_stealth_trans region appears in the mini-Timeline.

Press O to set the Out point (end) of the object to the playhead position (3;15).

The region changes length in the mini-Timeline and ends at the playhead position.

Press D to cycle through the Dashboard from the object to the behaviors.

Notice that the purple behavior regions in the mini-Timeline are now shorter, to match the length of the object.

Now let's set the play range Out point to 3;15 so we can finish adding the other behaviors to the watch.

Press Option-Cmd-O to change the play range Out point.

Press the spacebar to see the project with the shortened watch duration.

The watch now moves and grows faster because the action takes place in half of the original time.

Press Cmd-S to save your progress.

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