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Lesson 4. Working with Behaviors > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • You can use the grid, rulers, and guides in the Canvas to align objects precisely in the Canvas.

  • The grid, rulers, and guides can be turned on and off from the View pop-up menu in the Canvas.

  • Coordinates come in pairs that consist of x and y values. The horizontal coordinates in the Canvas are the x-coordinates and correspond to the horizontal ruler. The vertical coordinates in the Canvas are the y-coordinates and correspond to the vertical ruler.

  • The Crop tool is used to crop the edges of an object in the Canvas.

  • The Tab key toggles through six different tools, including Crop and Select/Transform.

  • You can lock an object or layer on the Layers tab to prevent it from being accidentally moved or modified.

  • You can modify behavior parameters in both the Dashboard and the Behaviors tab in the Inspector.

  • Basic Motion behaviors initially match the duration of the object they are applied to. You can change the duration of a behavior by changing the region length in the mini-Timeline.

  • If you change the In and Out points of an object in the mini-Timeline, the Basic Motion behaviors applied to that object will change their duration to match the object.

  • Duplicating an object also duplicates all behaviors, and their settings, applied to that object.

  • Moving an object in the mini-Timeline also moves all of the behaviors applied to that object.

  • The Add Behavior pop-up menu in the toolbar allows you to add a behavior to the selected object without going to the File Browser.

  • You can use the pop-up menu in the Dashboard title bar to display the Dashboard for another behavior or effect applied to the selected object.

  • The Dashboard includes an Inspector button, which automatically opens the Inspector for the current behavior or object.

  • To reset behavior parameters to the default values, you can click the Reset button next to the name of the behavior in the Inspector.

  • Simulations behaviors are based on laws of physics and geometry and include Gravity, Edge Collision, and Repel From.

  • To use the Repel From behavior, you need to drag from the Layers tab to the Object well in the Inspector the object that you want other objects to be repelled from.

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