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Lesson 4. Working with Behaviors

Lesson 4. Working with Behaviors

Lesson Files Lesson_04 > 4-1 Basic Behaviors
  Master_Project > 04 Master Project start
Time This lesson takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.
Goals Position an object using the rulers and guides
  Crop an object in the Canvas
  Lock an object on the Layers tab
  Work with Basic Motion behaviors
  Modify behavior parameters in the Inspector
  Change behavior timing in the mini-Timeline
  Duplicate an object on the Layers tab
  Move an object and behaviors in the mini-Timeline
  Apply behaviors from the toolbar
  Work with advanced Simulations behaviors

Behaviors make it possible to create both basic motion effects and complex simulations involving multiple objects. They are designed to work alone or in combination with one another, to create more interesting effects.

Want to make a ball move across the screen? Just add a simple Throw behavior. Do you need the ball to bounce around the frame, repelling any objects it approaches? No problem—simply combine the Throw, Edge Collision, and Repel From behaviors. Add a little Gravity behavior, and you'll have the bouncing and repelled objects responding to gravity as nature intended. Sound like fun? In this lesson, you'll be creating those effects and a lot more.

In this lesson, you'll build a real-world project from scratch, using Basic Motion behaviors to animate product stills and text. Once you've finished with the Basic Motion behaviors, you'll move on to explore some of Motion's more advanced Simulations behaviors. Along the way, you'll also learn how to use the rulers and guides as you crop video in the Canvas and modify behaviors in the Dashboard, Inspector, and mini-Timeline.

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