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Lesson 9. Working with Audio and Keyfram... > Scrubbing in the Audio Editor

Scrubbing in the Audio Editor

Previously you dragged the playhead in the mini-Timeline to scrub the playhead and preview the project in the Canvas. You can also scrub the playhead in the Audio Editor so that you can hear the audio and see the waveform at the same time. The difference between playing and scrubbing is that you control scrubbing manually, by dragging the playhead back and forth to hear a piece of audio or view a piece of video. When you play a project, it proceeds automatically, at one speed and in one direction: forward. Let's scrub the playhead over the Bumper Sirens clip in the Audio Editor to hear the sirens forward, reversed, fast, and in slow motion.

In the Audio Editor, drag the playhead right and left over the Bumper Sirens clip to scrub the audio.

You can hear the audio no matter what speed or direction you scrub the playhead. This is great if you're trying to isolate a sound, and annoying if you're just trying to edit something using the visual waveform as a guide. You can turn off audio scrubbing by clicking the Audio scrubbing button in the lower-left corner of the Audio Editor tab. When audio scrubbing is turned off, you won't hear any sound when you scrub the playhead.

Scrub the playhead again with audio scrubbing off.


Click the Audio Scrubbing button once again to turn audio scrubbing back on.



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