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Lesson 10. Managing Media > What You've Learned

What You've Learned

  • Media files can be located anywhere on the computer or on an additional internal or external drive.

  • A media file that is added to a project is referred to as being online. When you add a media file to a project, a connection is made between the media file and the project. If you change the location of the media file on the disk or change the file's name, you may lose the connection between the file and the project. When the connection is lost, the media file is referred to as being offline.

  • If you open a project with offline files, you will see a window with a list of all the missing files and have the opportunity to search for them. If all the missing files are in the same location on the disk, you need to reconnect only the first file; the others will be reconnected automatically.

  • If you must rename a file after it has been added to a project, be sure to replace the older version of the file in the project with the new version so that the file doesn't go offline.

  • The real-time playback capabilities of your Motion projects are proportional to your computer's hardware. One way to see a part of a complex project in real time is to create a RAM preview. The RAM preview options are located at the bottom of the Mark menu.

  • A RAM preview is a frame-by-frame render file stored in your system RAM that allows you to play back the rendered frames in real time. You can create a RAM preview of a selection, a play range, or an entire project. The length of the RAM preview you can create is determined by the amount of system RAM available.

  • The RAM preview (rendered frames) is indicated by a green bar within the play range and is available only while the project is open.



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