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Chapter 4. Surface Attributes > Setting Up Effects

4. Setting Up Effects

The Effects menu contains some unique surface attributes of 3D. These attributes are realistic, but it takes a long time to render the object.

Setting Up Effects


The Roughness parameter expresses the quality of roughness on the surface of the object. This can be used when the rendering method is set as Path Tracing. The Reflection and Refraction parameters in the Basics section become rough. If Roughness is set on an object that has Reflection or Refraction, it may be more realistic. However, it takes a longer time to render.

A file in which Roughness is not set.Roughness is set on a floor and a bottle. Reflections are obscured.


A metal has a unique hue that projects its surrounding environment with a particular reflective color and shading. The Metallic parameter can express such a hue easily.

When the Metallic effect is applied to the object, it is rendered as though a spot noise exists around it. The Metallic effect works when it is rendered with Scan Line, as well.


Glow is the parameter that lets an object pretend to emit light. It is used when a lighting apparatus, laser, or neon is created. However, when you switch on Glow, the object does not cast light on the surrounding area. Therefore, don't forget to place the Light into the object that has Glow specified.

The sun in the back is the only light source in this scene. The eyes of the robots, which are set up with Glow, seem to shine without receiving any light.


When using Glow, one downside may be that it lights up the whole object, and thus loses a sense of the object's depth. In such cases, it would be good to use Soft Glow.

If Soft Glow is used, the object seems to have a sense of volume since the quantity of light radiation is decreased at the edge of the object.

You can create an object like a flame by applying Glow and Soft Glow to a completely transparent surface that has no Diffuse or Specular color.

Back light

When Back light is set, you can create an object that is lit from behind. If a light is placed in the object, you can create an object that seems to be a lighting apparatus.

When you create an object using Back light, you must click the More button in the “Surface Window” and select the Do Not Cast Shadow check box.

A point light is put in the star-shaped flower object. The sense of a light can be expressed because this point light illuminates the star object from the reverse side.

Point for Effects

The Metallic and Glow parameters color an object without a light source. When an object does not have these effects set up within its circumference, a sense of incongruity may be evident. However, the Metallic and Glow specifications can be used as free parameters without being bound to illumination when you draw an image in illustration style.

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