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Lesson 4. Using Templates > Creating Your Own Templates

Creating Your Own Templates

OK, so you're in the competitive market of bad cable commercials. You want to use quick, easy templates. Problem is, the design firm down the street also owns a copy of Motion. If you want to distinguish yourself, you can't use the standard templates. The solution? Build your own, of course.

To simplify, we'll load in a project from which we can create a template. Normally, however, you'd build the project from scratch.

Close any open projects (Cmd-Option-W).

Press Cmd-O.

Navigate to APTS_Motion > Lessons > Lesson04, and double-click NastyCableAd.

Press the spacebar to begin playback.

You should be looking at that cable TV ad classic, the fire-sale commercial. Assuming that about half of your clients are probably into fire sales, this could really save some time if it were a template.

Press the spacebar to pause playback. Choose File > Save as Template.

The Save Template dialog opens.

Notice that the Collection menu is grayed out. That's because we currently only have the template collections that ship with Motion. These can't be altered, so we'll need to create a new collection of our own.

Click the New Collection button. Type Low Budget Cable Ads into the New Collection dialog that appears, and then click Create.

Name your template Crazy Fire Sale and then click Save.

The Export dialog appears, telling you that Motion is rendering the preview movie of your template for the Template Browser.

When the render is finished, press Cmd-Option-W to close all open projects.

Choose File > Open Template.

In the Collection scrolling list of the Template Browser, click the Low Budget Cable Ads item.

Instead of a pretty collection icon, you'll see a generic folder icon.

Click the Crazy Fire Sale icon in the Template pane.

And there you have it, your very own template ready to go—and such a useful template at that. Strange that the Fire Sale template didn't ship with Motion as a preset ...


Templates are a great way to create custom safe areas. For example, if you're designing in HD with a mind to down-res to standard definition as well, you might want to set up guides (View > Guides > Add Vertical/ Horizontal Guide) for your 4:3 safe zones. You could then save the project as a template so that you always have the guides ready to use in production.

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