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Everything Has a Timing Bar - Pg. 384

Motion for After Effects Users 384 Everything Has a Timing Bar In After Effects, if you want to deactivate a filter on a layer for a certain part of the Timeline, you need to either set all its parameters to 0, or split the layer in two and delete the filter from one of the split segments. In Motion, everything has a bar in the Timeline. So if you want a filter to affect an object only from, say, frames 1 to 12, all you need to do is set the filter's In point to frame 1 and its Out point to frame 12. You can do the same for behaviors. This makes it very easy to apply multiple behaviors to affect an object at different points in time. Be aware of this while you're working. If you don't keep it in mind, you might think you're trimming the Out point of a piece of footage and then discover that you've trimmed the Out point only for a filter or behavior attached to the object. Motion Nomenclature If you're used to certain nomenclature in After Effects, you may be in for a surprise when you start working in Motion. Terms you might recognize, such as layers , have slightly different meanings, and sometimes Motion uses a wholly different word to identify a familiar concept. The following sections clarify the meanings of some key terms in Motion. Layers, Objects, and Comps