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More Feature Crossover - Pg. 392

Motion for After Effects Users 392 After Effects­Compatible Plug-ins Many of your favorite After Effects plug-ins will work with Motion; all you need to do is point Motion's preferences to their installed location on your hard disk. Be aware that when using third-party filters, you may not get the real-time performance you experience with Motion-native plug-ins, since they're not optimized to take advantage of your graphics card's GPU. More Feature Crossover There are other ways in which the features and capabilities of Motion overlap with those of After Effects. Here are just a few. Interpret Footage In After Effects, Ctrl- or right-clicking a video clip in a project window gives you access to its interpret footage settings. In Motion, selecting an object in the Layers tab and pressing Shift-F will jump you straight to the Media tab of the Inspector, where things like alpha interpretation, field order, and frame rate can be adjusted. Motion Blur In After Effects, motion blur is enabled or disabled for individual layers. In Motion, motion blur is a global setting applied to all moving objects and activated via the View menu at the top right of the Canvas. Settings for the quality and intensity of the motion blur can be adjusted in the Render Settings tab