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H - Pg. 409

Glossary 409 G gain In video, the level of white in a video picture; in audio, the loudness of an audio signal. gamma A curve that describes how the middle tones of an image appear. Gamma is a nonlinear function often confused with brightness or contrast. Changing the value of the gamma affects midtones while mostly leaving the whites and blacks of the image unaltered. Gamma adjustment is often used to compensate for differences between footage acquisition formats. generators Clips that are synthesized (or generated) by Motion. Generators can be used as different kinds of backgrounds and elements for visual design. GPU (graphics processing unit) The central processor inside a modern computer graphics card. gradient A generated image that changes smoothly from one color to another across the image. grading The process of color-correcting footage to achieve a desired look. greenscreen A solid green background placed behind a subject and photographed so that later the subject can be extracted and composited into another image. See Also bluescreen. H Hi8 A high-end consumer analog videotape format that has a quality between that of VHS and DV. high definition (HD) High definition was created to increase the amount of pixels onscreen (a higher definition) as well as to solve many of the frame rate and cadence problems between film and video. There are two main types of HD footage. The highest is 1080, with a native resolution of 1920x1080. The other is 720, which has a native resolution of 1280x720. Both formats can have different frame rates and can be either progressive or interlaced.