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Lesson 13. Creating Text Effects > Applying Text Behaviors

Applying Text Behaviors

Fine-tuning a text animation like the one we just created can take some time, but Motion ships with dozens of text behaviors that make animating text almost criminally simple.

Save whatever you're working on and close all open projects (Cmd-Option-W).

Create a new project (Cmd-N) with the preset NTSC Broadcast SD.

Set the play range to preview the first 120 frames by moving the playhead to frame 120 and pressing Cmd-Option-O.

Move the playhead back to frame 1. Select the Text tool and type Text on a Budget. Press Esc to exit text entry mode.

In the Dashboard (F7), choose your favorite font (I've gone with Gill Sans Ultrabold because it's got the kind of name that marketing people dream about).

Resume playback.

So we've got text in our Timeline and it's playing back, but we need a way to bring it to the screen.

Click the Add Behavior button at the top of the Canvas and choose Text Glow > Sci Fi Glow.

It's as simple as that. No keyframing, no messy behaviors. Just one click and your text turns into glowing flying saucers landing in your Canvas. (It might take one time through the play range to cache before you get the real-time playback.)

Motion comes with a truckload of these preset behaviors. In fact, if you look at the behaviors list, the majority of them are for text.

You can even go into the Behaviors tab of the Inspector (F2) and tweak the values.

Delete the Sci Fi Glow behavior, and play with some of the other presets.

Really, go on and play a while. The book will still be here when you're done.



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