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Lesson 1. A Tour of Motion > Zooming the Canvas

Zooming the Canvas

At times you'll want to scrutinize fine details of your composite; other times you'll want to make the Canvas small enough to see what's going on even with several menus and windows open. Zooming the Canvas allows you to do both. Let's take a look at the different ways you can zoom the Motion Canvas.

At the top right of the Canvas, change the pop-up menu labeled 100% to 50%.

This is the Zoom Level menu, and it offers the preset zoom levels of 12%, 25%, 50%, 100%, 200%, 400%, 800%, and 1600%.

Press Cmd-+ and Cmd-– using the plus and minus keys on the main keyboard (don't use the numeric keypad plus or minus keys), and watch the zoom level in the top-right corner of the Canvas.

Cmd-+ and Cmd-– zoom the Canvas in and out by the specific preset intervals listed in the Zoom Level menu. This provides an easy way to quickly jump to a zoom level that suits your particular task.

Press Cmd-spacebar, and then click and drag the mouse left and right.

This allows you to do what's called free-form zooming. You can quickly zoom to any arbitrary size you choose. Note that you can do this even while the Timeline is playing back.

As you experiment, notice that Motion zooms into the part of the image that was under your pointer when you began the zoom. So if your pointer was over the butterfly's head, that's where you'll zoom to.

Press the spacebar and click and drag anywhere in the Canvas.

Holding down the spacebar allows you to pan the image around the Canvas. This is great when you're zoomed all the way in and need to see part of the image that's offscreen.

Press Option-Z.

Option-Z jumps you back to 100%.

Press Shift-Z.

Press F5 a few times to open and close the Project pane.

By pressing Shift-Z, you activated the Fit in Window zoom mode. In this mode, Motion zooms the image in the Canvas so that the entire composite is visible at all times.

Press Option-Z to return the Canvas to its default scale of 100%.

For additional zoom shortcuts, see Lesson 8.



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