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Lesson 1. A Tour of Motion > Bring On the Talent

Bring On the Talent

OK, enough boring details. Let's start experimenting.

Press Cmd-1 to open the File Browser.


If your File Browser tab is already active, you obviously will not need to perform this step. If you do, you will close the File Browser and with it the entire Utility window. If that happens, press Cmd-1 to reopen your File Browser.

Click your hard drive icon in the top pane of the File Browser.


Motion supports all QuickTime-compatible formats, image sequences, multi-layered Adobe Photoshop files, and PDF vector graphics.

Double-click the APTS_Motion folder in the bottom pane of the File Browser.

Double-click successively the following folders in the pane: Lessons > Lesson01.

You should find a single clip called Butterfly.mov.


To preview a clip without importing it into your composite, you can do one of two things: Either click its icon in the File Browser and then view the thumbnail preview at the top of the browser, or double-click its icon, which will launch a floating QuickTime window at the full size of the clip.

Click and hold the butterfly icon in the lower Browser pane—not the thumbnail icon at the very top of the Browser—and then drag it to the center of the Canvas, but don't release the mouse.

As you drag over the center of the Canvas, you'll notice yellow lines appearing onscreen. The image will snap to these lines. These are called Dynamic Guides, and they help you make sure your composite's elements are precisely centered. They can also be used to align several objects alongside each other.


You can also import footage by clicking the Import button to the right of the thumbnail viewer at the top of the File Browser.

Release the mouse button when horizontal and vertical yellow lines form a cross at the center of the screen. This ensures that the clip is perfectly centered.


If you ever have trouble executing a step and end up with something that looks markedly different from what you see in this book's illustrations, press Cmd-Z to undo the last step (or steps, by pressing Cmd-Z multiple times). This should return your project to the state it was in before things went awry.

To play back the clip, press the spacebar or click the Play button at the center of the control bank directly below the Canvas window.

You should now be watching the butterfly flap its wings as it floats in place.



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