This Apple-authorized guide to Motion lifts the curtain on Apple's revolutionary new software for motion graphics design. A comprehensive book-DVD combo, it starts with motion graphics fundamentals and takes you step by step all the way through Motion's powerful advanced features, delivering comprehensive training-the equivalent of a three-day course-in one project-based book. Professional, hands-on projects help you learn as you go. All the files you need are on the DVD. Readers will harness the magic of Motion's Real-Time Design engine, behavior-based animation, and remarkable gesture-driven workflow using a graphics tablet. Topics covered include particle dynamics and behaviors, multi-layer composites using transfer modes, keying and compositing bluescreen elements, stylized title animation, and DVD motion menus, plus dozens of visual effects techniques using filters and transformations, and much more. Whether you're just entering the motion graphics field or are already an accomplished designer, this book will have you working in Motion in record time.

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This book originally included a companion DVD. For easier downloading, the disc has been segmented into smaller parts. These files consist of a master file and several related parts. The master file has the filename extension ".dmg". The related parts have the extension ".dmgpart".
INSTRUCTIONS: -- You must download all of the files before proceeding --
1. Place all the downloads in the same location. (in a folder or on the Desktop)
2. Open the file with the extension ".dmg". This is the master image. Once launched, it will automatically reconnect all of the segments and mount the whole disc image.
NOTE: You must have Mac OS X to use these files.

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