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Chapter 16. Dynamics > The Dynamic Relationship Editor

The Dynamic Relationship Editor

Sometimes you’ll want to attach a particle object or a rigid or soft body to an existing field or collision object. The Dynamic Relationship Editor lets you see a list of a scene’s nodes as well as the existing fields, collisions, and emitters—all of which you can then connect.

To connect a field to a particle using the Dynamic Relationship Editor:

From the Particles menu select Create Emitter.

From the Fields menu select Gravity.

If you play the animation at this point, the particles won’t fall because the particle object wasn’t selected when you created the Gravity field—which means the two aren’t connected.

From the Window menu select Relationship Editors > Dynamic Relationships.

On the left side of the editor is a list of the scene’s nodes.

You should see emitter1, particle1, and gravityField1 in this column (Figure 16.54).

Figure 16.54. The Dynamic Relationship Editor.

Select particle1 from the left column.

Now, on the right side of the editor, gravityField1 should appear in the list. It’s not highlighted at this point because the two nodes have not been connected.

Click gravityField1 on the right side of the editor (Figure 16.55).

Figure 16.55. Connecting a particle object to a gravity field in the Dynamic Relationship Editor.

Particle1 is now connected to gravityField1.

Play back the animation to make sure the Gravity field has caused the particles to fall.



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