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Chapter 16. Dynamics > Render Types

Render Types

You determine the appearance of your particles by assigning to each a render type, which include Points, MultiPoint, Streak, MultiStreak, Sprites, Spheres, Tube [s/w], Blobby Surface [s/w], Cloud [s/w], and Numeric. Most of these types are rendered through the Hardware Render Buffer. The types whose names include “[s/w]” are rendered through software. (See Chapter 15 for more information on hardware and software rendering.)

To change a particle’s render type:

Select a particle object (Figure 16.10).

Figure 16.10. A selected particle object.

Open the Attribute Editor by pressing .

Under particleShape1 tab, open the Render Attributes sectionand select the pop-up menu for Particle Render Type.

Select Cloud [s/w] from the list.

The particles now look like circles in the Perspective view (Figure 16.11).

Figure 16.11. A cloud particle displays as circles in the Perspective view.

Click Add Attributes For Current Render Type (Figure 16.12).

Figure 16.12. Each render type has a number of different attributes to adjust.

Change the Radius from 1 to 3 by adjusting the slider.

This allows you to interactively change the size of the cloud particle for the display as well as the render.

To render the cloud particle, click the Render Current Frame button .


From the Window menu, select Rendering Editors > Render View (Figure 16.13).

Figure 16.13. A rendered cloud particle effect.



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