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Chapter 11. Animation > Previewing Your Animation

Previewing Your Animation

When you want to preview an animation, you can play it back in the timeline. However, a complex scene won’t play smoothly at full speed. In addition, you’ll often want to output your animations. For this, Maya provides Playblast, which produces screen snapshots of your animation and turns it into an AVI or a series of numbered images.

To make a Playblast:

Create an animation.

From the Windows menu, select the box next to Playblast to open the Playblast Options window (Figure 11.48).

Figure 11.48. The Playblast options are set in this window. If you don’t click Save to File and you close your movie player after you watch your animation, you will have to repeat the Playblast procedure on the animation.

Choose the time range you want to make a movie file of.

The Time slider will use your current playback start and end times. Start/End will allow you to type in your own times.

Adjust the resolution for the movie.

If Display Size is set to From Window, it will use whichever view panel is currently active as the basis for the size. If you change it to Custom, you can type in whatever resolution you want.

Check Save to File if you want Playblast to automatically save your series of numbered frames after you create it.

If Save to File is checked, you can click Browse to choose where you want the files to be saved. On Windows you can make a Movieplayer file instead of a series of numbered frames.

Click the Playblast button.

You will see your animation play back a frame at a time. A moment later the FCheck window, with which you can watch your animation, will pop up.



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