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Chapter 12. Cameras > Animating Cameras

Animating Cameras

Cameras have a wide range of controls that can be animated. You can animate Camera viewport controls, lens size, clipping planes and depth-of-field controls. You can also animate a camera by keyframing it or assigning it to a motion path.

To keyframe a camera:

Select a camera.

Type C to change the active viewport to a Camera view.

Aim the camera and adjust its settings for the opening shot (Figure 12.64).

Figure 12.64. The fog begins to roll in as the Environment ranges retract.

Turn on the Animate button.

Move the time slider to the right.

Adjust the camera by navigating it with the camera viewport controls, by moving and rotating the camera and its target, or by adjusting its parameters (Figure 12.65).

Figure 12.65. The Environment ranges enclose the teapot.

Set additional keys by moving the time slider and adjusting the camera (Figure 12.66).

Figure 12.66. The fog encloses the last few objects as the Near and Far ranges approach the camera.

Play the animation to review the timing and smoothness of any camera motion. Most of the time, the camera will be moving too fast, and its motion will be jerky.

Adjust the speed of the camera by moving its keys further apart. To slow down the entire animation, re-scale time in the Time Configuration dialog box.

Continue to play back the animation and adjust it until you are satisfied.



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