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Chapter 5. Mechanical Modeling - Pg. 243

243 Chapter 5. Mechanical Modeling Goal of This Chapter In this chapter, we'll build a mechanical torso for the head we modeled in Chapter 4. The emphasis here is to practice the techniques we've discussed and to learn some new methods. We will use box modeling as well as EdgeBevel, Cutter, and various spline tools. At the end of this chapter, our robotic torso will be complete, and we will also have modeled other objects and a space. In addition, we will select an appropriate camera position, so that in the next chapter we can devote ourselves entirely to texturing and rendering the image. There we will discuss all the new features of Version 7, whose capabilities, especially in the areas of texturing and rendering, are dramatically different than those of earlier versions of the program. The Torso The first object we will model is a mechanical larynx. You won't use any sketches or prescribed