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You may already be a whiz at cutting and pasting whole objects or groups in other applications. If not, here are the basic facts:

  • The Cut, Copy, Paste, and Paste Special commands all use the Clipboard, a temporary storage area in memory.

  • The previous contents of the Clipboard are replaced each time you choose Cut or Copy.

  • The same Clipboard contents can be pasted repeatedly.

  • You can copy and paste objects from one composition window to another—even between some applications.

Pasting is so special

The Paste Special commands have the power to copy individual attributes or components from one object to another, such as an object's fill, transform, or properties settings. We discuss the Paste Special commands whenever they seem rele- vant to a particular topic. Look up "Paste Special" in the index if you want to see a listing. If you fall in love with these commands, write an e-mail to Adobe and ask them to add them to your other favorite applications. (Hey, it never hurts to ask. Not that long ago, Elaine called up a publisher and asked them if she could write a book on QuarkXPress…)

To cut and paste an object or a group:

Choose a selection tool.

Select the object or group to be cut or copied.

Choose Edit menu >Cut to cut the object (remove it to the Clipboard) (Command-X/Ctrl-X or Shift-Del)(Fig. 1). Or in Windows only:Right-click in the composition window and choose Cut from the context menu.


Choose Edit menu >Copy to put a copy of the object onto the Clipboard (Command-C/Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Ins). Or in Windows only: Right-click in the composition window and choose Copy from the context menu.

Figure .

Click in a different composition window, if desired, then choose Edit menu >Paste (Command-V/Ctrl-V or Shift-Ins)(Fig. 2). The object will reappear smack in the center of the window.

Figure .

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