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Appendix A. Shortcuts

Appendix A. Shortcuts

 Macintosh Windows
Selection V V
Subgroup-selection A A
Drag-selection U U
Layer-offset O O
Rectangle M M
Rounded-rectangle R R
Ellipse L L
Polygon N N
Pen P P
Pen-selection S S
Type T T
Crop C C
Transform E E
Paint Bucket K K
Eyedropper I I
Hand H H
Temporary Hand tool Spacebar-drag Spacebar-drag
Zoom Z Z
Create objects
Show Properties palette Double-click Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Rectangle, Polygon, or Type tool Double-click Ellipse, Rounded Rectangle, Rectangle, Polygon, or Type tool
Constrain to square (Rectangle or Rounded-rectangle tool); circle (Ellipse tool); or propor-tional polygon (Polygon tool) Shift-drag Shift-drag
Zoom in Command-+ Ctrl-+
Zoom out Command-- Ctrl--
Actual Size Command-Option-0 Ctrl-Alt-0
100% view Double-click Zoom tool Double-click Zoom tool
Grids, rulers, and guides   
Show/Hide Grid Command-' Ctrl-'
Snap to Grid (Show Grid on) Command-Shift-' Ctrl-Shift-'
Show Rulers Command-R Ctrl-R
Show Guides Command-; Ctrl-;
Snap To Guides Command-Shift-; Ctrl-Shift-;
Lock Guides Command-Option-; Ctrl-Alt-;
New Command-N Ctrl-N
Composition Settings Command-Shift-N Ctrl-Shift-N
Open Command-O Ctrl-O
Undo Command-Z Ctrl-Z
Redo Command-Shift-Z Ctrl-Shift-Z
Preferences Command-K Ctrl-K
Save Command-S Ctrl-S
Save As Command-Shift-S Ctrl-Shift-S
Close Command-W Ctrl-W
Quit/Exit Command-Q Ctrl-Q
Work with objects
Select All Command-A Ctrl-A
Deselect All Command-Shift-A Ctrl-Shift-A
Move selection 1 pixel Arrow Arrow
Move selection 10 pixels Shift-Arrow Shift-Arrow
Make alias of object by dragging Option-Shift-drag Alt-Shift-drag
Make Alias Command-M Ctrl-M
Break Alias Command-Option-M Ctrl-Alt-M
Edit Original Command-Shift-M Ctrl-Shift-M
Add or subtract object from selection (any selection tool) Shift-click object Shift-click object
Move clone of selection Option-drag Alt-drag
Move clone of selection (constrain to x/y axis) Option-drag, then add Shift Alt-drag, then add Shift
Duplicate (same x/y location) Command-D Ctrl-D
Copy and paste
Cut Command-X Ctrl-X
Copy Command-C Ctrl-C
Paste Command-V Ctrl-V
Paste Style Command-B Ctrl-B
Convert last point or existing point from smooth to corner (Pen or Pen-selection tool) Option-click Alt-click
Add/delete point using Pen-selection tool Command-click Ctrl-click
Convert corner to smooth point (Pen or Pen-selection tool) Option-drag from point Alt-drag from point
Show Transform palette Double-click Crop tool Double-click Crop tool
Resize object from corner Option-drag opposite handle Option-drag opposite handle
Rotate using selection tool Command-drag corner handle Ctrl-drag corner handle
Skew using selection tool Command-drag side handle Ctrl-drag side handle
Constrain rotation to 15° increments Shift-drag upper right corner handle Shift-drag upper right corner handle
Multiple objects
Group Command-G Ctrl-G
Ungroup Command-U Ctrl-U
Bring object forward Command-] Ctrl-]
Send object backward Command-[ Ctrl-[
Bring to Front Command-Shift-] Ctrl-Shift-]
Send to Back Command-Shift-[ Ctrl-Shift-[
Layers and styles
New layer Command-L Ctrl-L
Select layer 1 Command-1 Ctrl-1
Select layer 2 Command-2 Ctrl-2
Select layer 3 Command-3 Ctrl-3
Select layer 4 Command-4 Ctrl-4
Select layer 5 Command-5 Ctrl-5
Sample and apply style to selected object Shift-click object that has desired attributes using Eyedropper tool Shift-click object that has desired attributes using Eyedropper tool
Acquire objects
Place Command-I Ctrl-I
Place Sequence Command-Option-Shift-I Ctrl-Alt-Shift-I
Replace (Selection) Command-Shift-I Ctrl-Shift-I
Apply Last Filter (image objects) Command-F Ctrl-F
Show Timeline window Command-T Ctrl-T
Make animation play or stop Spacebar Spacebar
Next keyframe Option-K Alt-K
Previous keyframe Option-J Alt-J
Make Time Independent Group Command-Shift-G Ctrl-Shift-G
Move time marker back 1 frame Page Down Page Down
Move time marker back 10 frames Shift-Page Down Shift-Page Down
Move time marker ahead 1 frame Page Up Page Up
Move time marker ahead 10 frames Shift-Page Up Shift-Page Up
Move to beginning of timeline Home Home
Move to end of timeline End End
Preview mode/Edit mode Q Q
Preview in assigned browser Command-0 (zero) Ctrl-0 (zero)
With the composition window active:
Active Export Preview toggle Command-9 Ctrl-9
Preview Windows Gamma toggle Command-8  
Preview Mac Gamma toggle  Ctrl-8
Preview AutoSlice Area toggle Command-7 Ctrl-7
Preview Motion Path toggle Command-Shift-H Ctrl-Shift-H
Show/Hide Object Edges Command-H Ctrl-H
Export Settings (on Export palette) Command-Option-Shift-E Ctrl-Alt-Shift-E
Export dialog box Command-E Ctrl-E
Export As Command-Shift-E Ctrl-Shift-E
PageSetup Command-Shift-P  
Print Setup  Ctrl-Shift-P
Print Command-P Ctrl-P



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