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Chapter 12. Rollovers > Previewing rollovers

Previewing rollovers

AutoSlice or AutoLayout?

Both AutoSlice and AutoLayout will generate an HTML file for the exported rollover and a folder containing an image for each state. AutoSlice will position all the images along the left edge of the browser window, whereas AutoLayout will preserve the current layout in the browser by exporting the composition in an HTMLtable. The HTML code controls when the various rollover image states that are exported as slices will display.

To preview a rollover in the browser:

Show the Export palette (Fig. 1).

Figure .

Check the Preview box. The composition display will now reflect the current export settings.

Choose GIF from the topmost pop-up menu. Watch the screen preview as you move the Colors slider to the lowest possible number before the colors in image and gradient objects start to degrade. Next, choose Web Adaptive from the palette pop-up menu. And finally, for objects that include an alpha channel, make sure the Include Transparency Information button is pressed. Leave the Dither and Interlace options off.


Choose SWF from the topmost pop-up menu, and and choose JPEG or Truecolor from the second pop-up menu.

Choose Edit menu >Composition Settings (Command-Shift-N/Ctrl-Shift-N).

If you chose GIF for step 3, choose AutoLayout from the Export pop-up menu (Fig. 2).

Figure .


If you chose SWF for step 3, choose Export: Entire Composition and check the Make HTML box.

From the File menu > Preview In submenu, choose a browser.

Move the pointer over the button in the browser, then click on it if the rollover has a Down state. Close the browser window and click back in LiveMotion when you're done previewing. For more about export, see Chapter 16.

▸ Don't group or overlap a button or remote object with any other objects in a composition. Grouping and overlapping will prevent a rollover exported as GIF from functioning in the browser. Group ing and overlapping won't adversely affect rollovers exported as SWF.



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