In 2009, photographer Dustin Diaz began a “365 project,” the goal of which is to shoot and share one picture per day for a year. Not only did Diaz actually complete the project–an achievement in and of itself–he consistently shared both the final image and the behind-the-scenes setup shot for that image, allowing the viewer to see how the shot was arranged. He also included information about exposure, flash power, distance, and light modifiers. The project was a huge hit that attracted thousands of followers. This Is Strobist® Info recreates and expands upon this approach by featuring an image alongside a setup shot that helpfully explains how that image was created. By showing the finished pictures as well as the setup shots for 50 of Diaz’s images, you’ll gain tons of knowledge about the basics–and beyond–of flash photography, including everything from simple one-light shots to images created with five lights and numerous gels, clamps, umbrellas, softboxes, and grids. Additionally, This Is Strobist® Info includes two chapters that guide you through the basics of starting your own lighting kit and explain the important but often-misunderstood inverse square law.

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"Awesome Book" - by Rico Dude on 18-APR-2012
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Why did I give this book five stars?
1. Look at the images. They are superb!
2. It is not centered on your camera but your lighting equipment.
3. I've been looking how Diaz managed to pull off these shots for a long time. The focal length, iso and all other settings are included.

If you want to take terrible pictures this book is not for you! hehe.

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"Strobist Setup - OK info - bad puns" - by Anonymous on 08-JAN-2012
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Does everyone have to write as though they're writing for the "Dummies" series. The incessant attempt at humor gets in the way of the information presented.
Was the editor sleeping? Was there an editor at all?

Other than that, basic clear info presented for a strobist photographer - emphasis on small battery powered portable strobes and street setups. Some of the samples are embarrassingly out of focus.

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