Introductory Engineering Graphics concentrates on the main concepts and principles of technical graphics.

The chapters and topics are organized in a sequence that makes learning a gradual transition from one level to another. However, each chapter is presented in a self-contained manner and may be studied separately. Chapter 1 discusses guidelines for drafting and Chapter 2 presents the principles and techniques for creating standard multiview drawings. Chapter 3 discusses auxiliary view creation, whereas Chapter 4 focuses on section view creation. Basic dimensioning is covered in Chapter 5. Isometric pictorials are presented in Chapter 6. Working drawings are covered in Chapter 7 and the Appendices provide introductory discussions about screw fasteners, general and geometric tolerancing, and surface quality and symbols.

The book is designed as a material for instruction and study for students and instructors of engineering, engineering technology, and design technology. It should be useful to technical consultants, design project managers, CDD managers, design supervisors, design engineers, and everyone interested in learning the fundamentals of design drafting. The book is in accord with current standards of American National Standards Institute/American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ANSI/ASME). Its principal goal is meeting the needs of first- and second-year students in engineering, engineering technology, design technology, and related disciplines.

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