Business writing is all about effective communication and persuasion. Technically-minded people can struggle and many businesses get it wrong, losing their readers in avalanches of acronyms and jungles of technical jargon. It doesn’t have to be that way. In this book you’ll discover how to give your communication skills an upgrade, exploring the tips and tricks that will enable you to write effectively and persuasively for any audience. You’ll discover how to optimise your words for maximum impact, which terrible traps to avoid and how to make your expertise and enthusiasm even more infectious. ----- 'If you have an important message to craft and you find yourself staring at a blank screen wondering what to say and how to say it; this is the book for you. Carrie takes the fear factor out of writing. Her clear tips and guides will make your writing instantly more readable. Practice what Carrie preaches and start to get complements on the style, persuasiveness and impact of your written work. Don't write another word until you have read this book from cover to cover.' Prof. Brian Sutton , Professor of Learning Performance at Middlesex University and author --- '..There are lots of books about writing, this one is very practical and targeted, and forms an excellent foundation on which to build good written communication in an area that is often accused of falling short. It should be part of every induction pack as required reading.' Tracey Torble , ITSM specialist, manager and writer

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