a football theme 120 Figure Figures P6.15, P6.16 and P6.17. Kick drum, Score, Matrix and Hyper view 2. Save song ­ compare with project/6.2. A bass line is needed. Because of the drum machine style kick drum, a bass synth sound suggests itself. Time to launch Logics ES M. Info The ES M (es mono) is a specially designed bass synthesizer in permanent portamento mode (one note glides to another). It can, of course, be used for lead synth work if assigned to higher voices. Take 3 Track 6: (Ch 1) AudioInst 1 | ES M Sequence Parameters box: 8B Swing Instrument Parameter box: Cha Inst 1, MIDI Cha 1 Transport Bar: (L) 2.1.1 (R) 18.1.1 Follow these steps: 1. Open the Track Mixer [Windows > Open Track Mixer], select the Audio Instrument 1 object (Bass), and from the drop-down menu, insert the ES M (Figure P6.18). A blue button named ES M appears. Note Figure Figure P6.18. Inserting ES M 2. Click on the blue button to reveal the ES M itself and select the acid preset [factory 2 > acid] (Figure P6.19).